Multiplication & Division Games

Featured Game:   Who Has? Multiplication Decks

Once students have developed conceptual understanding of the basic operations they need to develop fluency with the facts. One quick way to include daily practice and motivate students to master these basic facts is through the use of the Who Has? card decks. These decks can be created for virtually any topic and frequent use as both a whole class practice or as a center activity for partners or small groups will provide facts practice in a highly-motivating format.

  • See Who Has? Activities for classroom management strategies for using the different multiplication decks, including one Spanish version.

Multiplication Games

These games help students acquire proficiency in multiplication facts by requiring that students multiply factors to play the game.   Many of the games offer varying skill levels enabling the teacher to differentiate play levels to best match the varied needs of students in the class.

Division Games

These games help students develop an understanding of division and remainders.