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Who Has? Activities

Using Who Has? Decks to Practice Basic Facts

Once students have developed conceptual understanding of the basic operations they need to develop fluency with the facts.   One quick way to include daily practice and motivate students to master these basic facts is through the use of the Who Has? card decks.   These decks can be created for virtually any topic and frequent use as both a whole class practice or as a center activity for partners or small groups will provide facts practice in a highly-motivating format.

Classroom Management Strategies

There are several strategies that have proven successful when implementing this activity:

Who Has? Decks

Several decks are attached below for downloading as PDFs.   All decks are 30 cards so that there are enough cards for most classes.   In fact, some students will probably need to have two cards to use the complete deck.   The decks are designed to print onto 2x4 inch labels (10 to a page).   These can then be affixed to index cards to create each deck.   If labels are not available, simply cut and paste the printout to create card decks.