November 2007

Featured Topic: Intervention Strategies Resources

This series of pages is designed to help teachers as they differentiate instruction for varied learners in the class. Suggested activities include multi-sensory approaches to various mathematical skills and games to help struggling students construct deep meaning for numbers.

A mathematics teacher needs to develop the ability to effectively assess student understanding throughout instruction in order to intervene successfully to help all learners achieve daily objectives. Whether a student needs an extended timeline or a different approach, effective teachers are always on the lookout for additional resources and strategies to add to their repertoire.

View the new series: Intervention Strategies Resources to read more about these topics: counting objects, skip counting by 5s, understand and use place value in 2-digit numbers, teen numbers, money activities & strategies, and math mats strategies.

NEW!! Math Activity Themes: Gingerbread Man

This latest addition to the Math Activity Themes series is a collection of Gingerbread Man Math Activities which include activities from the Winter 2005 and Winter 2006 collections: links to gingerbread man glyphs, math-literature connections and links to gingerbread man collections on the web. The collection also includes several new Mathwire activities: measurement activities, gingerbread man math mats, gingerbread man graphing ideas, two new gingerbread man games and some new gingerbread man problem solving tasks.

Check out the new Gingerbread Man Math Activity Collection for activities and games to enrich your classroom celebrations of gingerbread men and gingerbread houses.

Remember to include the Gingerbread House coordinate graphing activity from the Winter 2005 collection for seasonal practice of graphing skills.

Differentiation Strategy: Using Math Mats

Don't miss this series of instructional articles! Math mats are wonderful tools for developing mathematical concepts and reasoning. They are also effective assessment tools, enabling teachers to see how students work through a problem, and allowing teachers to work with individuals or small groups for remediation or enrichment, as needed. Finally, math mat work provides a format for mathematical discussion, encouraging students to use mathematical language as they describe their thinking to other students.

This series of pages is designed as a resource for teachers as they differentiate instruction for varied learners in the class. Each page discusses how to use the set of mats to develop mathematical understanding and support student growth. There are also suggestions for guided practice, individual practice, center activities, differentation and challenge versions of the different mat activities.

Visit Math Mats Resources to read more about using:

This series will continue to grow. New seasonal winter mats are already in development so look for check back for additions to this resource over the coming months.

Fall Math Activities 2007

Check out the latest collection of Fall Math activities which include spider math, bat math, math-literature connections, coordinate graphing games, seasonal counting mats, glyph projects, problem solving and more. There's still time to include some activities during November. Activities Organized by NCTM Math Standards

Now you can search the site by NCTM Math Standard in addition to the Alphabetical (A-Z) and Math Topics search options. Notice that the Math Standard search option is present in the upper right of the Home and Archives pages for your convenience.

Check out the Math Standards option for locating activities.

Coming Soon:   Winter Math Activities 2007

The new Mathwire Winter 2007 collection of math activities is under construction and is due for publication the week of Thanksgiving so that busy teachers have lots of planning time to include some of the new activities before the holidays. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Winter 2005 and the Winter 2006 Mathwire collections.

The new Winter 2007 collection will also include links to the next three Math Activities Themes pages: Gingerbread Man Math, Penguin Math and Snowman Math. Each of these pages are a collection of current activities but each theme contains new activities and pictures as well. You won't want to miss these collections!

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