Intervention Strategies

Featured Topic: Counting Objects

Kindergarten students often count objects, practicing one-to-one correspondence and learning to associate a written numeral with the spoken number. This is often a challenge for some students who need additional practice to develop this important skill.

It is developmentally appropriate to use real objects rather than worksheets or pictures of objects. Students often move the objects to one side as they count which helps them organize the counting. This is a multi-sensory approach which engages the brain and helps students learn through different approaches.

Suggested Strategies:

Games and Activities for Practice

Fish out of Water Game

Each student begins with 20 fish out of water. Each player rolls a die and counts out that many fish to return to the fish bowl. The first player to return all 20 of his/her fish to the bowl wins the game.

You may use foam fish cutouts and a plastic bowl (e.g. grocery cut fruit container and lid) for a more realistic version of the game or download the directions, game mat and center icons for Fish Out of Water. This game was developed by Christine Sweeney, a Monmouth University student, for the ED 556 Probability Fair.

Domino Parking Lot

Students use a set of regular dominoes and a domino parking mat. Each student selects a domino, counts the total number of dots (pips) and places the domino in that parking spot. Dominoes with the same number of dots may be stacked on top of each other in the parking spot, if necessary.

You may use foam and sharpie marker to create the parking lot mat or download the parking lot mat, copy on card stock, and laminate for student use.

As a variation of the game, select target sums and give students a point for each domino they find to park in those spaces. This motivates students to search for those particular combinations and heightens interest in finding those dominoes to win the most points for the group. Have one member of the group use a recording sheet, write in the day's winning numbers, then draw in the dots of the dominoes the group finds for those numbers. Intervention Strategies Resources