Valentine Probability

These Valentine's Day activities are based on the small candy hearts popular around this holiday. Instead of sayings, these mathematical hearts have letters. Students are trying to accumulate all of the letters in the word VALENTINE or HEART. They first predict how many letters they will have to draw from the bag, then they conduct the experiment, collect and organize data and analyze the class results.

Valentine Discrete Math Activities

These activities develop students' awareness of discrete math topics: Pascal's Triangle, pathways, and combinations.

Valentine Quilts

This Valentine Quilt is a great culminating activity for a study of the geometry of quilts. Each student designs a 9-square paper quilt patch using only red, pink and white paper. Students may elect to use a traditional quilt pattern or design their own original pattern and name it. Assemble all of the quilt squares into a class quilt.

Valentine Symmetric Faces

Reinforce the concept of symmetry with this art project which colored paper and symmetrical placement to create symmetric masks. Use red, pink and white paper for Valentine's day or red, white and blue paper for patriotic masks for President's Day.

Mathwire Valentine's Day Math Activities Collection

See more Valentine's Day Math Activities from the Mathwire collection that include suggestions for math activities that use the small candy valentine hearts to practice graphing, fractions, counting and patterns. Students might also use the candy to play the Grab the Candy!game. The collection includes more problem solving and discrete math activities as well as a suggestion to make Valentine Symmetric Faces to study symmetry.