Earth Day Math Activities

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    In a time when environmental activists are urging every American to make small changes, these PBS Mathline activities focus on mathematical investigations of earth-friendly practices, including energy usage and recycling. They provide real data and encourage students to follow the data trail through time in hopes that they will be prompted to take action.

  • Activity Links
    • See What We Do Adds Up, a PBS lesson for Grades 4-6, prompts students to reflect on the average per person trash output and how it adds up over time.
    • What's in a Bag?, a lesson for Grades 5-8, examines the use of paper bags and their impact on trees and landfills.
    • Population Simulation with M&Ms, designed for Grades 6-9, suggests another way to use M&M candies in math, this time to model decaying populations.
    • In Adventures With The Fish Pond: Population Modeling encourages students in grades 7-9 to write a NOW-NEXT recursive equation to model the M&M data on their calculators.
    • See More Math Concepts from PBS Mathline resources for additional real-life applications of math concepts.

Additional Math Activities

Consider using some of these activities to incorporate earth-friendly data and practices into enriching math activities.

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