A Note from Terry...

Thanks to everyone for your kind words about Mathwire. It was a dream of mine to create this site and it is a labor of love to grow the site and keep it current as a strong math resource for teachers. I am so happy that you find useful activities and ideas that you can use in your classroom. That is the whole purpose of Mathwire in a nutshell!!

I have lots of ideas in development so you'll see more content over the next few months. Be sure to check out the Mathwire Blog to keep current with Mathwire!


I'm absolutely committed to providing quality math for elementary students in the hopes that we can make kids LOVE math because it is fun. Introducing them earlier to discrete math (combinations problems, Pascal's series) and coordinate graphing lets them see that math is so much more than basic facts and algorithms. And, I am an absolute believer in games for encouraging students to think mathematically and learn their facts in order to get a better score. Problem solving becomes a fun challenge when students have effective strategies in their personal repertoires.

I've taught math, taught teachers to teach math, and worked with teacher candidates in college. My students loved my math classes. If I can help teachers LOVE math, then they will inspire their students likewise. Enjoy math and keep inspiring your children to do the same!

Here's what people are saying about Mathwire...

Mathwire is awesome. Thank you so much. You could sell your stuff for millions, but I'm glad you don't. Thank you!!! -- Emily B.

Just wanted to thank you for the great (and free!) access to loads of wonderful math activities! Your site is incredible! -- Joanne F.

I have enjoyed reading about and using the math activities on this site and am looking forward to more. I teach Kindergarten and I have used many of the activities. Iím a proponent of hands on learning activities. == Patricia V.


I just wanted to tell you that your site is amazing!! What a blessing. I found it the other day and have used so many things already. Love the already made "I have who has" games!! They are a pain to make. Also, I am amazed at how much my kids love the parking lot domino game. Who would have known. I have a student who is crazy about cars so it is all he wants to do. Keep up the fantastic work and have an awesome day! -- Lisa B.

We were given your Who Has? Double facts cards at a training I went to this summer. My kids love them...Thank you and my kids thank you for your hard work and time you put into these items. -- Jose E.

Thanks so much for all the great resources on this site! We love the Who Has games, the kids are so excited when they play. -- Stephanie B.

Your website is amazing!! It is the best thing I have found for teachers and recommend it at every professional development I present. -- Diane H.

Thank you very much for your commitment to achieving higher math thinking and learning! -- Carrie P.

I just wanted to tell you what a phenomenal website you have. The ideas for math intervention, differentiation, routines, games, etc are wonderful! I can't thank you enough for sharing your ideas and techniques! -- Kelsey G.

I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!!!!! Thank you for the information. -- Karyn D.

I Just LOVE all you ideas.................Thank you very much! Continue with the newsletter, it reminds me to return and visit your site. -- M. Kelly

I can't begin to tell you how many great ideas I've incorporated into my 2nd grade class from your website. You truly have to be commended on such an excellent job. I am so thankful to have found your website by luck! Keep up the great work. -- Caroline L.


Hello! I just had to thank you for providing THE BEST math site available to teachers today. I am a remedial math teacher for first grade and look to your valuable site for activities. I am retiring this year but have passed your site on to my teachers. I hope your efforts continue. Again, thank you for an outstanding resource. -- Pat B.



I have just discovered your website. What a fantastic, outstanding, awesome resource for teachers!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!! -- Tracy G.

I can't tell you how much I, as well as many others I know, rely on your website. It is one of the best I have found. I recommend it to everyone I know. I will be attending the NCTM conference in San Diego next year, where I will continue to 'spread the word' about your website. Keep up the GREAT work. -- Karyn D.

I just wanted to say that I have been a huge fan of your site for the last 2 years. Keep up the great work! -- Caroline Y.

My students and I truly enjoy learning with the many activities I have found on your website. -- Maryann D.

I stumbled upon your site tonight while searching for lesson plans to teach to my prek students and I just have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for sharing! I have been teaching early childhood for 14 years and I promise to pass your site along to my colleagues! Thanks again! Please keep up the great work! -- Michelle O.

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful centers. I taught third grade for two years in a school where centers were not used, and I didn't have the confidence to try them. Now I'm subbing in a district that does centers and has more resources available, with the goal of getting hired eventually. The gingerbread activities are adorable and my third graders would have loved them! It is so generous of you to share. I'm really looking forward to trying them. -- Karen W.

Thank you so much for making these math activities, handouts and pictures available to teachers on the web. They are a tremendous resource for elementary teachers and seeing the pictures of student work is just the icing on the cake. -- Shari S.

I am a 5th grade math teacher from Ohio and I have an Afterschool Math Club. We love the resources from your website. Thanks. -- Mr. S.

What a great web site!! I love it! I teach hs math, so I can appreciate the quality of activities that you are sharing for elementary! -- Colleen D.



Thank YOU, Terry! We all love your site here, I frequently send links to the teachers I work with so that they can check it out. I really liked the recent piece you had where you used the plastic office protector sheets and dry erase markers, Kids slid in their templates...I had never thought of that! As a gifted teacher, I love all of the enriching activities and higher level thinking problems. -- Michelle L.

What a website! Thank you for providing all of these resources for us, teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I canít even tell you what I like best. There are SO many great ideas and links to online interactive activities. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!! -- Joyce M.

This is the best teacher friendly site I have come across. I have a special education classroom and this works wonders for the hands on activity. Keep up the good work. -- Gregg C.

I'm an Elementary ( or as we would say 'Primary' ) teacher from Perth, Western Australia and I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you so much for the great site! I've found Math Wire so useful and most especially, informative. I enjoy the fact that activities are chosen for their usefulness to standard- based learning, not just fun, that the site's contents are well- organized and presented ( esp. photos), and backed by ideas and explanation that is written in a teacher- to- teacher talk. -- Sally B.

Thank you for your wonderful site! My kids love playing the math games. -- Denise T.

I just wanted to say thank you for providing me so many very cool math activities! This is the on-line source I go to most often. While my school uses Singapore Math as the basis of our mathematical program, I go to your website to find games, activities, worksheets, etc. to supplement in a fun and engaging way. My 2nd/3rd gifted students love most all of what I've found on mathwire. -- Susan C.

I just wanted to say a big "thank you" for having Mathwire -- it's an amazing resource both for the classroom but more importantly, for us homeschoolers that are trying to get our kids to love and enjoy math -- especially without using workbooks too much! -- Mary


I discovered your website this year while surfing the internet for good math resources. I wanted to thank you for your excellent site!! I've used so many ideas and resources from your site. It's the best math site I've found! All of my third grade colleagues now use the resources on your site and I've shared your site with several new teachers, knowing it would simplify their lives in the coming year! I sense this site is a labor of love for you, but I just wanted to tell you what a great resource it's been for me! -- Melanie B.

I found your website..totally by accident one night over the Christmas holidays....and I am so very thrilled with all your hard work and your willingness to share. I appreciate the time you have put into your site and also am greatly appreciative of all the cute ideas (that are right on with goals and objectives)....I love, too, the fact that all the things you need are right there...I don't have to go searching for a graph or spinner or whatever the case may be....I have shared your site address with our tech girl at school ...and she, in turn, has shared with other schools....you have made our school and district stronger with all the effective products and ideas. -- Laura H.


I am a 5th grade teacher and wanted to say that I love your website! This week we are testing for the IOWA tests and I needed some short activites for math. I used the hundreds board logic problems from the site. My students loved them and asked for more. Do you have a book of these or know of how to access more logic problems using the hundreds chart? I think the hundreds chart is underused in 5th grade...I love to use it because it helps students develop strong number sense. Thanks again and I will be using your site throughout the year! -- Kelly J.

Thanks. I love your site. A participant in my online class tagged this as one of her favorites. I used a lot of the open responses to help prepare my students for the state exams. -- Jane L.

just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful ideas you provide teachers. I have been teaching kindergarten for 16 years and moved this year to second grade. I do not know what I would have done if I had not stumbled onto your site. I have found an abundance of activities to use in my classroom-- better yet-- the kids love the activities. I have told anyone who would listen about this SUPER site! Thanks again!!! -- Lauri H.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website! The activities and materials are such high quality, and I enjoy using them in my classroom. Iíve included links to your site in past newsletters I have sent out, and I am listing it as a Featured Website this month. Keep up the great work! -- Chris

I just came upon your website and teaching activities. I just wanted to tell you that everything is AWESOME and you are a wonderful person to share everything. I have already found two activites that I can download and use with my first graders this week. THANK YOU!! -- Bonnie S.