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Black History Month: Freedom Quilt Resources

Study the use of quilt patterns as secret codes for the Underground Railroad.

Valentine's Day and Winter Olympics 2006:

Consider using some of these activities to enrich math activities.

Winter Math Activities

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Featured Technology Links: The Math Teacher's Toolkit and National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics

Many teachers regularly use technology to teach math.   Classrooms with large screen monitors, interactive whiteboards or LCD projectors enable teachers to include more visual animated presentations of mathematical concepts.   These websites include many tools to help students develop conceptual understanding of important mathematical concepts.

  • The Math Teacher's Toolkit includes:
    • Place Value Calculator
    • Screen Calculator
    • Place Value Cards
    • Hundred Square
    • Tables Tester
    • 12-Hour Clock
    • Counter
    • 24-hour clock
    • Double Dutch: counter that halves or doubles
    • Doubles Tester
    • Sequences
    • Ten Digit Number Line
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics is an impressive collection of virtual manipulatives that may be used by a teacher for demonstration purposes in lessons or by students as a follow-up to hands-on use of real manipulatives.   Check out the site index for the full collection but be sure to sample the following useful tools:
    • Bar Chart which allows the user to create a quick bar graph with labels
    • Spinners allows the user to create different spinners, spin them a specified number of times, and record the results in a color-coded bar graph
    • Pattern Blocks allows the user to create pattern block patterns which may be printed using screen capture to insert the designs into a Power Point presentation or printed directly using the browser's printing options
    • Geoboard allows users to stretch virtual rubber bands to create figures. The measures function calculates the perimeter and area of the figure.
    • Tangrams allows users to position tangram pieces to cover given figures or to create their own tangram figures.
    • Coin Tossing allows the user to toss a virtual coin a specified number of times.   Data is provided for the number of heads and tails, longest runs of heads and tails, percentage of heads. A graph is generated as the virtual coin is tossed and users are able to watch the change as it varies around 50-50 over the course of the trial.
    • Factor Tree allows the user to create a factor tree to demonstrate the prime factorization of a number. Options allow the user to input numbers for two factor trees on the same screen which is useful in teaching students that the same prime factorization will be generated, regardless of the starting factors chosen.
    • Function Machine provides practice in input/output tables and rules.
    • Algebra Balance Beam allows the user to solve linear equations pictorially using the balance beam model.

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